In their first annual "Design Issue" (celebrating "fresh life-affirming spirit" of approachable, warm design), Newsweek includes a "Design Quiz." Gothamist chortled through the ten questions; here are three:

Target designer and documentary subject1. The 1995 documentary "Unzipped" portrayed the life of what famous clothing designer?
Ralph Lauren
Giorgio Armani
Isaac Mizrahi
Calvin Klein

2. What is Razorfish?
An architecture firm
A Web-design company
A clothing design company
A company that designs high-tech products like computers and cell phones

6. Which designer has NOT designed products for Target stores?
Michael Graves
Philippe Starck
Kenneth Cole
Isaac Mizrahi
Todd Oldham

Sadly, there is no assessment of your personality with your score, like "If you scored 100%, you are probably gay, metrosexual, or a New Yorker." Unfortunately, Newsweek's reader profile doesn't give stats on those things.