Photo by Paul Warchol Photography, Inc.

Three weeks ago, Gothamist went to the Nike iD at 255 Studio with The Whitest Kids U Know to check out the invite only store and to design some shoes. Now we're giving those sneakers away. The storefront has several shoes in the windows, but none are for sale because visitors to the studio design their sneaker by choosing different colors for the various items on the shoe, much like the process on the Nike iD website.

After checking out the various shoe options available at the store, The Whitest Kids decided on the Air Rift. They dubbed their creation, "Clever Girl" after the velociraptor in Jurassic Park. Gothamist isn't quite sure if it really looks like a raptor though as it's got two shades of green and two shades of red. But...if you must have these shoes, Nike is giving away one pair of the "Clever Girl" Rifts. (Also, see this video from inside the store)

Continue reading for a couple more pictures and to enter the contest for the shoes.

Photo by Paul Warchol Photography, Inc.Even though the design process is like the Nike iD website, it's not quite the same. A design consultant (essentially someone who has more sneakers than one anyone needs) guides you through the process of choosing colors and looking at color swatches if needed. And, to make sure you've got the right size, the studio has each shoe in the sizes available. You can try them on and walk around, but you can't get them in the demo colors, which is a question people often ask.

The shoes available at the store vary from time to time, with some that are exclusive only to the SoHo location. When we went, the Waffle Racer was not available online, but the other shoes (Nike Free, Air Presto, FC Futebol, Air Rift, Air 180, Dunk Low) were. Also exclusive to the studio are some colors that aren't online (clementine, ice, and obsidian to name a few).

Photo by NikeThe store itself is something to marvel at as well. The wall paper, napkins and coasters all have sneakers in the pattern.

For appointments, Nike will be posting a sign up on for consumers to register for appointments. Those names will be pooled together and individual appointments will be booked using a a random drawing. The doors will open July 1.

Entries will be accepted until midnight on Saturday, June 11th with the winner notified by e-mail. Gothamist will not sell or distribute addresses, phone numbers, or e-mail addresses obtained through this promotion.

Photos by Photo by Paul Warchol Photography, Inc. (number 1 and 2) and Nike (number 3); Gothamist is a promotional partner with Nike