2005_11_arts_taxi.jpgDesign Trust for Public Space and Parsons New School for Design brings us, Designing the Taxi. Last spring a two-part workshop investigated the future of the iconic New York City taxicab as it approaches its centennial in 2007. The exhibition of designs presenting future ideas for the taxi are now on view. Starting today and running through January 15th we'll get a chance to see some new ideas for one of our major modes of transportation in this city.

To emphasize the point that taxis are a city-wide transportation system and not just a vehicle, the exhibition will feature a simulation of a full-scale city street, complete with sidewalk, construction fence papered with bills, and a life-size traffic jam of taxis-past, present, and future-running along one wall. This remarkable and realistic visual presentation will capture the essence of the taxi's history and role as a cultural avatar and transportation link.

New ideas include built in child seats, a cashless pay system and energy and fuel efficient vehicles. And of course any taxi cab isn't complete without a newly fashioned taxi cap, check out some designs here.

Step Inside Design has some guidelines to building a better taxi, what would you suggest? Personally, we hate it when on a sunny day you can't see if the white light on top of the cab is on or off - thus standing there hailing everything that passes by. We also wouldn't mind a better smelling cab, but we know that's a long shot.

Details: November 3, 2005 - January 15, 2006 // Parsons The New School for Design [Gallery at 2 West 13th Street] // Gallery Hours: Mon-Fri 9-9; Sat-Sun 10-6 // Free

The above modernized 50's cab was designed by Pentagram.