Six months after being fired from from Christian Dior over anti-Semitic remarks he made to fellow Parisian cafe patrons, John Galliano was found guilty of "'public insults' based on origin, religion, race or ethnicity after two incidents in February 2011 and last year."

Earlier this year, at the La Perle cafe, patrons claimed Galliano made anti-Semitic remarks; one said he called her a "dirty Jew face." However, Galliano said in a statement, "I was subjected to verbal harassment and an unprovoked assault when an individual tried to hit me with a chair having taken violent exception to my look and my clothing. For these reasons I have commenced proceedings for defamation and the threats made against me." But he added, "I fully accept that the accusations made against me have greatly shocked and upset people." However, after the accusations, Christian Dior suspended Galliano and then a video from last year showing Galliano discussing how he loves Hitler surfaced on British tabloid The Sun's website.

In France, it's a crime to incite racial hatred. Galliano was sentenced to a suspended fine of $8,400, which means, says the AP, "he won't have to pay but the fine will go on his record." The designer did not appear in court for the sentence, but when he appeared before the three-judge panel previously, the NY Times reports, "Mr. Galliano... had told the French court that he remembered nothing about the incidents, and at the time was debilitated by job stress and addiction to Valium and alcohol."

Galliano's lawyer said his client is "looking forward to the future" and "will continue to care for himself."