We've looked at how New Yorkers viewed a future NYC in the past, but what do current New Yorkers (that's all of us!) think this place will look like decades upon decades from now? That's the question that CityVision competition posed to contestants, who were tasked with designing their imagined future New Yorks. The twist? In this future every resident of Manhattan has fled for an outer borough.

The first place entry went to a team that envisioned Manhattan as a giant landfill—"Having been overwhelmingly densified, the population of Manhattan has relocated to the outer boroughs. Seeking energy independence and a sustainable solution to waste control, the city turns Manhattan into a landfill from which it can harness energy. A new landscape of rolling hills transforms the skyline of Manhattan as the peaks of skyscrapers puncture the ground and provide access to a network of underground circulation." While the idea of runny up a grassy hill to touch the top of the Empire State Building's spire is intriguing, this is mostly just depressing, and what would this future Manhattan smell like in the future summers?

Second place went to a team who turned Manhattan into "an archaeological site surrounded by massive containing walls that hold back the rising sea. New York’s creation leads to its demise, as its development forces the sea to rise. The designers propose to entomb Manhattan in a state of near-destruction, serving as a monument to the twentieth century industrial paradigm."

Click through to look at all of these depressing scenarios! [via ArchPaper]