2006_11_colriver.jpg+ Community Board 1 Seaport Committee members react to landscape architect James Corner's South Street plaza plans. Some say it's beautiful. Others say it's too beautiful.

+ The golden domes that once adorned the 1875 cast-iron, Corinthian-columned O'Neill building on Sixth Ave. between 20th and 21st are returning. In the form of fiberglass-reinforced plastic.

+ 980 Madison Ave. developer Aby Rosen buys Fred Tomaselli's 1992 Colorado River (pictured). It's made of resin, hemp leaves and pills. Tomaselli, in case you don't know, is a self-described "stoner without ideology" whose work hints at "counterculture danger."

+ Thom Mayne's Hewitt Building is still riling Cooper art students.

+ And, this story on self-designed work spaces reminds us of the pink-and-white-polka-dot "cubicle" paper our friend trotted out one day to some serious mocking.

Restrictions on work spaces: A savior for office mates of polka-dot enthusiasts or an intolerable, vaguely totalitarian gesture?