2006_11_playground.jpg+ Following the release of the Atlantic Yards' Final Environmental Impact Statement, Empire State Development Corporation head Charles Gargano says Madison Square Garden owners Jim and Charles Dolan may end up killing the Gehry-designed project. More FEIS digesting from Curbed.

+ Eero Saarinen's former TWA terminal is empty and the Port Authority is soliciting requests for proposals. To the dismay of a Municipal Art Society VIP. Check out the audio slide show.

+ The 1879 Seventh Regiment Armory on Park Ave. has a new leaseholder, despite protests from Woody Allen and financier Henry Kravis. This one pits area residents, veterans and the homeless against supporters of a new cultural center (including a 1,500-seat performance space).

+ Prefab houses bound for East New York are being constructed at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

+ Slate tackles the decline of architecture magazines.

+ And, tonight, former Bogota mayor Enrique Penalosa is giving the L'Enfant Lecture on City Planning and Design at Cooper Union's Great Hall. He's into pedestrian-friendly cities. Oh, and happy urban residents. Which means he may want to pontificate elsewhere.