Whoa—move over, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, there's a big confirmed celebrity breakup... if you think Minka Kelly is a celebrity (yes, she is hot). Kelly, the fetching "Friday Night Lights" ingenue and star of the upcoming "Charlie's Angels" reboot, has broken up with Yankees captain Derek Jeter. A source told People, "They care about each other and it was amicable. They're still friends."

The couple had been dating for three years, landing on the cover of the Post together (with Kelly in a bikini), and have weathered incidents such as that mean-Starbucks-barista and one-of-A-Rod's-blond-girlfriends and there were rumors the pair was going to get married last year. In the HBO documentary about Jeter getting 3,000 hits, Kelly said, "When I met Derek I didn't know anything about baseball at all," with Jeter then joking, "She's lying. She had a poster of me on her wall in high school."

We suppose this means Jeter is officially NYC's/Florida's most eligible bachelor.