Thanks to a Pepperdine University student's Tweet, now everyone knows that Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly are sorta back together. Jaime Olaez wrote on Thursday, "Just saw @minkakelly with her boo Derek Jeter at the Musee d'Orsay in Paris, France. How'd ya like the art, you two?" giving tabloids a late 2011 gift of new news.

Olaez told Life & Style, "They had a guide taking them around on the fifth floor, and they were looking at Monet and the works of other French impressionists. They went to all the different floors; they looked at Van Gogh. Derek was very low-key and was wearing a black-and-gray sweater. Minka looked very pretty. She was wearing white jeans, a brown jacket and boots." Olaez added, "The funniest part was seeing tourists walk by wearing New York Yankees hats on. And some people didn't even notice them!"

In Page Six's item about the pair, the column also reminds everyone that Jeter's parting gifts to women he, uh, romances overnight is a gift bag including a signed Derek Jeter baseball and other baseball paraphernalia.