2007_04_arts_bowie.jpgAre Robert DeNiro and David Bowie battling it out in a sort of festival turf war? Though both turned up at the Vanity Fair party thrown in honor of New York's Tribeca Film Festival - it seems there's some animosity in the air...or at least in the press. Bowie's High Line Festival begins on May 9th, just three days after DeNiro's Tribeca Film Festival ends. NY Mag describes the difference between the two:

"The former [Tribeca Film Festival], sponsored by AmEx and host to the premiere of Spider-Man 3, will have lots of rich older folks eating at pricey boîtes in what's now an enclave of the rich and the older; the latter, backed by budget-chic H&M and curated by agelessly cool David Bowie, will sell young trendies cheap tickets to shows by hot alterna-talents like Air, Arcade Fire, and the Polyphonic Spree. A portion of proceeds goes to Friends of the High Line, that downtown boldfaced gang backing the conversion of West Chelsea's abandoned elevated rail line into a pomo green space."

2007_04_arts_deniro.jpgThe High Line's producers (David Binder and Josh Wood) had this to say of their festival: "ours happens to be a little younger and rougher around the edges and more multidisciplinary than theirs." David Bowie told the New York Post: "I am afraid I have no control over the inexplicable comments from the High Line producers. I think the Tribeca Film Festival is unique and irreplaceable." Meanwhile, someone from the Tribeca camp told Page Six, "I think they are envisioning themselves as Slamdance to our Sundance and living off the success of Sundance." And DeNiro? No comment.

The conspiracy theory amongst the High Liners is that DeNiro was responsible for Tribeca's PR firm, Rubenstein, turning down doing press for High Line. Whether this is true or not, in reality, both can coexist - the city is big enough for two festivals with different focuses. More importantly, the two aren't even running during the same exact time. So if one did want to, say, see one of the few musical acts at the Tribeca Film Fest, the Goo Goo Dolls and see Deerhoof at the (music-heavy) High Line Fest...it would totally be doable.