As The Great Gatsby gets ready for its big screen reboot, F. Scott Fitzgerald's old inspirations are being torn down. At least, this one mansion that may or may not have been his vision for Jay Gatsby's mansion has now been demolished, and CBS News was on hand to capture the death of the Gilded Age.

The 25-room colonial mansion on Long Island Sound (Forbes once valued its fictional version at $42.5 million) is now a clean valuable lot slate that will be subdivided and sold off. No need to panic, however, there are plenty of other grand white mansions on Long Island that are rumored to be the Gatsby mansion (here's one! And some more!). One professor says, "Fitzgerald never made any direct statement about it... he knew that area well, there are a few homes that people sometimes think could have served as an inspiration."

Perhaps it's time to cast the mansion we'll be seeing in 3-D?