Courtesy of Boing Boing

Is it Demi Moore Twitter-deathwatch time? The actress has been forced to defend her looks in 140-characters or less multiple times in the past month. First when one of her followers said she looked old, she had the applaudable response of: "I'm 47. How am I supposed to look?"; and now she's defending her W cover, swearing it wasn't Photoshopped. Not so applaudable.

Now a photographer (who didn't take the photo, but commented on it) and Boing Boing are facing the actress's team of lawyers. The website reported today that her lawyers "sent a threatening letter to Boing Boing over the holidays which demanded that we remove a post I published in November, or face legal consequences. In the referenced Boing Boing post, I published photographer Anthony Citrano's speculation that a recent W Magazine cover image of the actress may have been crudely manipulated by magazine staff to alter her hip, and appear thinner." (Since they received the letter, photos of the same magazine cover in South Korea have surfaced with Demi's leg is fully in tact.) The site's lawyer retorted noting that Ms. Moore posted about the photo on Twitter, thrusting herself "into the public eye (and into this debate)."

It's a shame Demi isn't shaming the magazine for hacking off parts of her body — even former Ralph Lauren model Filippa Hamilton stood up for her figure after the company distorted her in ads.