The papers have picked up on the dumpster diving story and it turns out the location of the pool is in Gowanus. The address was actually decoded after this video on the project hit the internet last week, meaning people have been coming by and trying to sneak a peak at the private pools.

The NY Times talked to a few lucky ones who have received a private invite to swing by. One woman who took a moonlit dip told them, “It’s amazing. It makes you wonder, as so many things in New York do, what’s behind every wall that you can’t see past.” Heavy.

The trio who created the three dumpster oasis really went all out, cleaning them, adding a filtration system, lining them, and even building a little miniature urban beach club around them (complete with a changing cabana, lawn chairs and bocce ball). Sure, you aren't invited, but they said they'd "love maybe at some point to enlarge on this idea," and share it with more New Yorkers, according to the Daily News. And the organizers told the Times that they "tried to do it so that even if you had to rent one, you could do a stand-alone Dumpster, a grill and chair for under $1,000.” So what's stopping you? And if swimming isn't your thing, here's an entire photo gallery of ideas on how to make your own dumpster fun.