Here’s a staggering statistic: New Yorkers throw away almost a billion takeout containers every year. Manufacturing, shipping, and disposing of these single-use containers, which are typically used for under an hour, generates emissions. The market for U.S. food delivery in 2020 is expected to add up to $44 billion, a nearly 42% jump over 2019. This means takeout waste has likely grown by about the same amount during the pandemic. (WSJ)

So how do us New Yorkers continue to enjoy our favorite takeout spots while being environmentally responsible? DeliverZero has the solution.

Ordering through DeliverZero is super easy. Just search your address, find a restaurant near you, and order some food that comes right to your door in reusable containers that are BPA free and NSF certified, can take the high heat of commercial dishwashers and are reusable up to 1,000 times. As long as you return the containers within six weeks, it doesn’t cost you any extra money (trust us, six weeks is plenty of time). Return the containers to the courier who delivered your next DeliverZero order, or drop them off in person at any partner restaurant. After customers return the containers, DeliverZero restaurant partners sanitize the containers and use them on future orders.

DeliverZero is also restaurant-friendly. They provide restaurants with the reusable containers and a tablet to receive orders at no extra cost; and the commission they charge is typically about half of what the larger delivery services take for restaurants that handle their own delivery.

Ready to order? There are over 125 restaurants currently on DeliverZero, with more waiting to be onboarded. Participating in the circular economy has never been easier! Visit today.

This post is a sponsored collaboration between DeliverZero and Gothamist sponsor staff.