We meant to post on this a couple of weeks back, but it just kept slipping through: check out this walk-through of the environmental materials used in the new City Bakery in the East Village. The walkthrough is a little Flashy for our tastes, so we've pulled out the links for your clicking pleasure:

Sunflower and wheat wall boards from Environ Biocomposites
Red milk paint from AnnaSova
Cork floor from CorkFloor (good name!)
Recycled wallpaper from Knoll
Bamboo tabletop from Plyboo
Ultra-touch recycled table support material from BondedLogic

We'd love to build our next apartment out of this stuff-- but unfortunately, after we're done spending the $2m for a 300ft studio in Bushwick, there's not going to be much left over to afford anything! Does using a milk-crate as a couch count as recycling?