It's time for a COUNTDOWN, because Jay-Z didn't put a condom on it, and now Beyoncé is reportedly pregnant again. After a week filled with speculation about her ovaries, multiple sources tell E that Beyoncé is expecting her second child. If Blue Ivy is the "Crazy In Love" of Beyoncé's womb, does this mean that Unnamed Baby #2 will be the "Baby Boy"?

The Post published some rumors about the possible pregnancy on Monday; then on Tuesday, Beyoncé canceled a Belgium concert due to “dehydration and exhaustion.” So it was right there in front of our faces, and we couldn't see the pattern. Unless this is just another elaborate ruse to cover up the fact that Beyoncé is using a surrogate to cover up the fact that Solange is actually pregnant and Beyoncé is going to be a grandmother because she is actually Solange's mother because CONSPIRACY.

Beyoncé may have a tough time following up her debut baby, considering she'll have to top the name Blue Ivy—but she need not worry about it too much, thanks to the Bey Bey Name Generator. Whether it's a boy or girl or full diva, Scarlet Mustard will do just fine we think.