Yesterday, the NY Post alleged that Liam Gallagher, the living embodiment of cigarettes and alcohol, had been hit with a paternity lawsuit by a NYC woman who claimed she had his love child. Gallagher denied the report, even pursuing legal action against the NY Post. But today, the Daily News is backing the original report, claiming that 39-year-old NY Times freelancer Liza Ghorbani is the mom in question—and that their affair started while she was on assignment for the Style Section.

Ghorbani had accompanied Gallagher for one night in May 2010 in an article titled, "What’s an Ex-Frontman to Do?" “He started an affair with her that night, they took a few months off, then started again,” a source told the News. Ghorbani and Gallagher took to the Ritz-Carlton that evening, where they chatted about his new fashion line and the breakup of Oasis. You can practically hear the sexual tension in this excerpt:

“Not a lot of people look cool these days — like my cool,” said Mr. Gallagher, 37, who turned more than a few heads when sidling up to the bar in the Ritz-Carlton. “Everybody plays it down, don’t they?”

Neither Gallagher nor Ghorbani are speaking to the press, for now. Some might say that both are looking back in anger at the affair now, but hopefully they can roll with it, and neither of them are crying their hearts out. But hey, "Champagne Supernova" is still an awesome song.