Up until now, you might have thought Gothamist was cool, but the picture above should put your doubts to rest. Gothamist is definitely not cool. What kind of people put the "Defend Brooklyn" logo on a cellphone? How much time do you have to have to get an idea like that and then execute on it? Answer: 22 minutes. For all of you out there who want to cold gank our steez, here's what we did:

1. Got an Samsung A500 to replace our piece of shit former phone
2. Downloaded some of their wallpaper and ring tones (normal calls: Bittersweet Symphony, by the Verve; calls without caller ID: Turning Japanese by the Kinks)
3. Disappointed with the wallpaper available at Sprint, we turned to and their "My Pictures" functionality.
4. A few minutes of uploading and cropping, followed by a payment of $1.99 got us the masterpiece you see above. Feel free to suggest alternatives to the design.