There was a funny story about deer in Staten Island in The Advance earlier this week. Deer have been grazing on the green at the Staten Island Golf Practice Center, and apparently they are not afraid of golf balls or humans! The Advance has tips for deer-and-human safety (like what to do when they run in front of the car), but the best factoid was this: "The state Department of Environmental Conservation estimates that there are about 40 deer on Staten Island. Most of them are believed to have swam ashore along points on the South and West shores from New Jersey.

And in other animal news:

- The public has been helping the ASPCA track down animal abusers. In the NY Sun article, a particularly terrible case of animal cruelty is detailed - some teenagers stole a cat off someone's window sill to throw to pet Rottweilers (and it gets worse after that).

- In Finland, scientists have found that pet owners seem sicker than animal-free folks. And for some reason the dog owners were fatter. Bizarre, considering American studies that show pet ownership is good for you.

Photograph by ireallylovecake on Flickr