An agitated deer came flying in through the front window of a Long Island hair salon on Saturday, staying just long enough to make a large and disorderly scene before careening out through the front door.

"At first I thought it was a car — because of all the crashing," Jeni Heredia, owner of Be.YOU.tiful Salon in Lake Ronkonkoma, told Newsday. "It was scary."

Around 12:30 p.m., a large buck with imposing antlers barreled through the glass. It smacked the woman seated in the waiting area with its scrabbling hooves, sliding across the floor before gaining some purchase. "It threw its head up against the wall three or four times, and ran into the break room," Heredia continued. "It was bleeding. There was blood."

After a brief rampage in the back of the shop, the deer corrected course. Trailing a hair straightener, it beat a path of destruction for the entrance, head-butting the glass door and busting a hinge in its haste to leave. The woman who got hoofed was taken to Stony Brook University Hospital with complaints of head and leg pain.

Here's the big entrance, as captured on security camera footage. Due to the angle of the sun hitting the glass, it looks as though the deer materializes from nowhere — a very spooky trick:

There are currently more deer in North American than ever: with fewer people hunting and developments sprawling across their habitats, deer are increasingly showing up in unexpected-to-us-but-maybe-natural-to-them settings. According to the NY Times, it's also mating season, meaning deer might be especially active right now. The city has vasectomized some of our local specimen in an attempt to rein in overpopulation, but still, frisky deer season demands constant vigilance! Deer answer only to one master, and it is chaos — you never know when one might come hurtling into frame, club you in the head, and cut out.