Last night, the news was buzzing about a doe and her baby fawn running around the Schuylerville section of the Bronx, and it was pretty cute - deer scampering away from cameras and the police. But, suddenly, it turned into a snuff film: When police had followed the deer to a church (sanctuary, perhaps?), the deer freaked out and tried to run away, with the fawn jumping a fence and practically goring itself! The fawn got away, but when the police found it, it had died, possibly from its injuries. Its mother was found and released in Pelham Park.

The Bronx Zoo says that there have been many incidents of animals coming into more urban neighborhoods because of sprawl, so "get used to it." Animal Care & Control say that wild animals need to be contained because they may cause injuries to others and, more importantly, they may be injured by others (like a car).