audition.jpgSo you've heard of this whole J-horror thing that the cinema kids are chatting about these days and you want to get in on the blood, guts and extreme fish hooking action. But how? The newly opened ImaginAsian theater is featuring a tribute to Japanese director and one of the vanguards of this icky movement, Takashi Miike with one of its first series, "Miike Madness."

Tonight's film is the must-see Audition (2000), the sweet tale of a middle aged man looking for love who decides to audition his potential new wives. He meets what he thinks is a nice young girl who it turns out, has a penchant for needles. And every thing goes horribly down hill from there. (The headline is a reference to her famous line to her unfortunate lover, which even now makes Gothamist cringe in horror and fascination. We'll leave the knowledge of where she puts those needles as she squeals "deeper" to those brave enough to see the movie).

The ImaginAsian theater is located on 239 E. 59th Street (201-371-6682), and the film begins at 7 pm. Read an excellent interview with Miike and director Eli Roth on Fangoria [via The Movie Blog].