2005_12_sitcomstyle.jpgNewsday has feature about a new book that looks at set designs of favorite TV shows - Sitcom Style by Diana Friedman. Apparently Friedman was obssessed with the Bradys' California split level as a child - the same way everyone else probably was (for instance, why were there only two bedrooms for the kids - and Greg's attic bedroom doesn't count) - and pulled together facts and trivia about the sets for lots of show, including the NYC-set "The Odd Couple," "Sex and the City," and "Will & Grace." It's the perfect gift for that couch potato who watches TV Land and "Trading Spaces"/ "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" type programming. And here are two fun facts in the Newsday article:

Two programs: "The Beverly Hillbillies" and "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" were originally set in New York. But producers changed their minds. It actually was cheaper to shoot the Clampetts in Beverly Hills. And Mary Richards of Minneapolis was deemed a more sympathetic character than Mary from Manhattan.

Of course, the perfect companion book would be Mark Bennett's TV Sets, a Gothamist favorite, in which Bennett meticulously tried to recreate the floorplans of favorite sitcom homes (The Addams Family house, Andy Griffith's Mayberry home, the Ricardos' apartment, the Jetsons' apartment), but unfortunately it's out of print. But you can see some of the plans he's done on the Conner Contemporary Art site.