Some pet owners go to great lengths to make sure their beloved creatures are properly admired and adored—as you're no doubt aware, there are myriad Instagram accounts devoted to pets' exciting lives—full of fetching balls, napping in the sun, and wearing embarrassing outfits, boasting, "My Larry is the cutest cat in this time zone!" And social media aside, what New Yorker doesn't love seeing an unexpected animal pop up during a dreary commute or in the bakery section? City critters enliven the routine urban drudgery.

So we thought we'd take this natural excitement for our pets and channel the spirit of the election season by launching our own NYC's Cutest Pet competition! And everyone can vote on who truly reigns supremely adorable.


You can submit your pet—be they furry, scaled, feathered, or what not—right here in this form. Yes, you'll be asked to submit a photograph of your pet and articulate your pet's campaign platform ("Boxes for everyone!").

When your pet is approved, you'll receive a direct link to their candidate profile, which you can share on social media and rally supporters.

Enter for a chance to win a $250 gift certificate for essential pet supplies and, most importantly, bragging rights! (Pets from the tri-state area—NY, NJ, and CT—are welcome to enter. Because you and your pet can still be New Yorkers at heart even if you’ve moved to the ’burbs. The full rules can be found here.)

For those interested in exercising their voting muscles before the human election, just visit NYC's Cutest Pet competition. You have one vote each day until 11:59 p.m. on October 31, when the cutest pet polls close. We'll be adding more candidates to the competition as they are submitted, so keep checking Then, on November 2, the election's victor will be announced.

May the most 💯 pet win!