Lady Gaga and Debbie Harry discuss their New York City nightlife roots in a new interview with each other, and unsurprisingly Blondie's got a much cooler social muse. She says her song "Mother" is "about the club that was originally called Jackie 60. A lot of people went there, like Leigh Bowery. It was such an important part of my life—for entertainment, for joy, for friends, for distraction, for creativity. When it closed, I just felt so lost. I think the only time that I felt more lost was when Andy [Warhol] died, and it was just 'Oh, my God. Wow. What do I do now?'"

As for Gaga, she drew inspiration for every one of her songs from a dive bar on the Lower East Side. Really. She told the icon, "The first three albums I made were all inspired by this one club in New York where we would all hang out and drink beer and spin heavy-metal records one night a week." Do you think some young lady is getting inspired by Spitzer's Corner out there right now?