As bodies are being pulled from Staten Island, as Lower Manhattan remains dark, as New Yorkers wait hours in line for an MRE meal, as families try to salvage their memories in Rockaway and Breezy Point... some people are just wondering: what have you been wearing throughout this whole ordeal?

The Cut posted a slideshow today titled How Downtown Dressed After Sandy, declaring: "The storm’s over, but one thing was certain: As they emerged from their homes into the messed-up streets, many were still thinking about style—which we're going to take as a sign of resilience." What fashions are really turning heads as the death toll from this tragedy rises? Let's look no further than the "Raving Eskimo" look:

"I ended up going out in snow hiking boots, zig-zag pants, and a seventies suede cost with faux-fur trimming... I looked like a raving Eskimo."

Now that's Hurricane Chic! What's YOUR post-Apocalyptic look?

Update: The Sartorialist has some thoughts on fashion coverage during a disaster:

People have been asking (or disappointed) that I haven’t covered the Hurricane Sandy situation on the blog. Well, there is a good reason. None of this is fun, no one really feels like smiling for a camera. Garance, my little girls and I have been very lucky that we were able to get a small midtown hotel room since Tuesday. However our hearts go out to all our friends staying in their apartments with no power and often now, no running water. I have been trying to keep the blog as normal as possible since it’s a nice escape from reality. Hang in there, New York, and all our East Coast fans and friends.