Occasionally, Gothamist gets amazing emails from our readers. Here's one:

Good morning Jake and Jen,

I am an illustrator from Ottawa, Ontario and read Gothamist daily. I love New York and I am moving there next September and have been closely following the news about the sale of the Astroland Properties to Thor Equities. I had the chance to visit Coney Island for the first time just last month and I love its charm.

I decided to do an illustration about the sale of the property that could eventually clear out such landmarks as the Cyclone and the rest of the amusement park.

I came up with idea of having some recognizable features of the Astroland property washed ashore and forgotten in a composition similar to the futuristic view from Planet of the Apes.

Thank you, and keep up the great work!

All the best,
Joel Kimmel

Great image, Joel-- thanks for sending it in.