Occasionally, Gothamist gets great email from our readers. And there are all the rest-- which mainly fall into the "self-promotion" or "disturbing" categories. Here's one:

Hi Jen--

I don't know how any work got done at the New York Stock Exchange today, seeing as how everyone seemed to be hanging out the window staring at my portrait of Richard Grasso. Here's a release and I've attached two photos.


New York, NY (December 4, 2006)—New York portrait painter Geoffrey Raymond is exhibiting al fresco his recent portrait of Richard Grasso in front of the New York Stock Exchange this week, in conjunction with the painting's availability on eBay. Richard Grasso is the former Chairman and CEO of the New York Stock Exchange whose $140,000,000-plus deferred compensation package generated legal action by the New York Attorney General, industry-wide scrutiny of executive compensation practices and a massive media brouhaha.

"Richard Grasso is either a hero or a villain, plus he has an interesting looking head," explains Mr. Raymond. "He's either played the game better than almost anyone in recent history or he's guilty of massive corporate malfeasance. In either case, he makes a great subject for a painting."

The painting, entitled "Big Dick I (Hundred Million)," measures four feet by five. It can be viewed in person, during lunch hours, at or near the Exchange, on eBay (search for "Richard Grasso"), or on Raymond's blog: www.yearofmagicalpainting.blogspot.com. This site chronicles the artist's quest to become "the pre-eminent portrait painter of the 21st Century."

Thanks for the consideration.

Geoff Raymond

Extra points for including a correctly formatted press release, Geoff-- and we see you've already sent it to Dealbreaker as well! Let us know if the painting sells!