Recently, there have been a couple events that have made Gothamist wonder where to turn for twentysomething etiquette. Our parents or Miss Manners can help us, but they would probably blanch at some of the reality of the situations. For example:
What do I do when my ex is having serious surgery and I want to visit - but my ex's family still hates me.
How to act when you've slept with your friend's best friend/co-worker/relative but still haven't told your friend and then all of you go out...
Do I tell my new work colleagues I see a therapist?
I just read the obituary of the father of an ex from 2 years ago - do I write a condolence note?

So in light of the lack of a really good, consolidated source for dealing with social issues our peers face, Gothamist is embarking on a project to try to address some of the issues you might face. Please post social situations you want help dealing with in the comments section.