It really seems like Robert De Niro and Al Pacino have co-starred in a lot of movies together, but they haven't. Sure, they had a couple of scenes together in "Heat", and both starred in "The Godfather 2" (though they never shared screen time) - but that's about it as far as collaborating has gone for these two legends in their own time.

The good news for fans of the actors is that it's just been announced that the two will have plenty of scenes together in an upcoming $60 million "indie" film called "Righteous Kill". Reuters reports:

Details were scarce as the deal to put the two stars together was sealed late Thursday, but Los Angeles-based independent producer Millennium Films said the long-time friends play police detectives tracking down a serial killer.

Variety adds "the idea for the film originated from the two actors' desire to co-star."

One of the producers, Nu Image's Randall Emmett, states that "this is an event in world history," but that seems to be a bit of a big statment! However, with a surprisingly low number of acting Oscars between them (two for De Niro, one for Pacino), we wonder if these roles will add more gold men to their mantles.

Shooting will begin on August 6th in Connecticut and then moves to New York.