Back in the Bloombergian era, American Sign Language translator Lydia Callis skyrocketed to local stardom thanks to her high-profile work during the Mayor's Hurricane Sandy press conferences. Though Callis's celebrity status has since gone the way of Ivy St. Ive and the Bronx cobra, a new mayoral ASL translator's star is on the rise: Jonathan Lamberton, who signs for de Blasio, has a starring role in Future Islands' new lyric video.

The Baltimorean band released their lyric video for the single "Cave," off of their upcoming album The Far Field this morning, and Lamberton is featured front-and-center as he signs the track's lyrics. See below:

Lamberton had his own viral moment back in 2015, when he received praise for his expressive signage during press conferences for the Massive Blizzard That Never Was. Oh, the memories.

The Far Field drops April 7th.