There's a fantastic article about the making of Dazed and Confused in Texas Monthly (which is our favorite Texas periodical ever...we think it's maybe the only one ever, too). Writer John Spong interviews writer-director Richard Linklater and many of the stars of the film (notably absent are the two biggest stars, Ben Affleck and Renee Zellweger) for thoughts about how the film was conceived, the filming itself, and the past ten years since it opened slowly and has since become a favorite rental. Here are some excerpts of the article [TM asks you to register, but as it's free, it's worth it]:

Richard Linklater: I thought he was too good-looking. Matthew [McConaughey] looked like he'd do fine with college girls; but I needed Wooderson to be a little creepier. But Matthew just sunk into character. His eyes shut to little quarter slots, and he said, "Hey, man, you got a joint?" He just became that guy. I thought, "Okay, don't cut your hair. Can you grow a beard and a mustache?"

Jason London, "Randall 'Pink' Floyd": I've never seen anything like it. This movie came out and then seventies fashion came back and all this great retro stuff. And That '70s Show? Don't tell me that's not a Dazed and Confused sitcom. I mean, Ashton Kutcher in the first season with the long hair and the puka shell necklace? I was like, "That's me!"

Wiley Wiggins, "Mitch": Whenever people recognize me, people I don't even know, they always say, "Grab your nose, man."

Buy Dazed and Confused on DVD. Trust us - it's worth it.
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