After just making the All-Star roster last week, David Wright stopped by vitaminwater's Homers on the Hudson event. The contest gave people the chance to hit a ball off a tee 150 feet into an inflatable glove (on top of an inflatable vitaminwater bottle, of course) on a barge in the Hudson--if successful, they win $1 million. It wasn't very easy, for Wright or Jets safety Kerry Rhodes or any of the non-professional athletes, but actually rapper Fabolous did pretty well, managing to hit the glove.

ESPN 1050's Max Kellerman was there, talking to Wright, Rhodes, and Knicks forward David Lee. Lee said he wouldn't be getting any tattoos (unlike teammate Stephon Marbury) and added he gave Stephon credit for showing up to summer league--only for Kellerman to point out Marbury's making $21 million this year. And when Kellerman said Rhodes was like Lee, in that they are the best players on their terrible teams, Rhodes laughed and said he knew it well but was hopeful about the Jets' chances.

As for Wright, he said he was excited about the All-Star Game and how he loves being in he clubhouse with all the great players he admires. And the game is important--the winner of the All-Star game gets home field advantage during the World Series. Later on, Wright, ever the gentleman, helped instruct America's Next Top Model winner Jaslene Gonzalez on hitting the ball towards the target, but then decided to take some more cuts himself.