David Gest and Liza Minnelli; Photo - AP

As if the whole Liza Minnelli-David Gest tableau couldn't get any weirder, David Gest confounds us again. Gest now accuses Minnelli of spousal abuse. Seriously.

- Apparently Liza would get into drunken rages and beat the crap out of David, causing him "throbbing pain, severe headaches, vertigo, nausea, hypertension, scalp tenderness and insomnia."
- Gest alleges the alcohol gave Liza "remarkable force and strength." Maybe there was PCP in the alcohol. Or maybe she's like Popeye, with alcohol her spinach.
- She yelled, "I am the star!" after she beat Gest.
- The nadir of their relationship was in June, when Liza's career had "eclipsed, she was an alcoholic, overweight, (and) unable to be effectively merchandised."
- Liza bit a guard who was trying to restrain her.
- Gest has had many, many injections in his face to alleviate the pain from her beatings.

Domestic violence is a terrible problem, but Gothamist wants to know, what about us, the unsuspecting public, who had to witness various instances of Gest trying to gnaw off Liza's face in what he thought would be sexy, hetero kisses. What's our compensation? And Gest's lawyer is Raoul Felder, which means we're never going to hear the end of it.

Coverage from the Post, Daily News, and Times.

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