Starting this Thursday night, High Line visitors will be treated to a new visually and sonically stunning work, courtesy of David Byrne. The musician has brought a giant inflatable globe, measuring 48 feet by 20 feet, and stuffed it under the park at 25th Street. The piece, titled Tight Spot, will be on view through October 1st... but (as with most of his projects) you'll also be able to hear it. The globe is accompanied by a soundscape—Byrne's voice, distorted—which NY Mag describes as a foreboding "womp womp womp."

Byrne says, “Rather than try to get it electronically or find instruments to do it, I just made the sounds with my mouth and filtered them enough so that you can’t tell it’s a human voice... I filtered and processed my voice so that it wasn’t recognizable.” Even those walking above the space (Pace Gallery's newly acquired spot) on the High Line will be able to hear it.