David Byrne recently officiated a wedding here in New York, which means he received a special certificate from the Universal Life Church after registering to become an officiating minister online. And that's not all he got; today he wrote on his blog, "I also received, for a small additional fee, a parking sticker that notifies parking enforcers that I am clergy, as well as some other paraphernalia. Whether the clergy sign gets me a free pass here in New York I don’t know, as I don’t have a car."

There are clergy permits in New York City—according to the DoT, they "allow parking for up to five (5) hours in No Parking zones adjacent to the house of worship, for up to three (3) hours in No Parking zones adjacent to hospitals and for up to four (4) hours in No Parking Zones adjacent to a funeral establishment when such member of the clergy is performing official duties." While clergy only qualify if they work an average of at least twenty hours per week, Byrne easily got his permit after becoming ordained online—and it's highly unlikely anyone is looking very closely into the permits, you know?

We say he uses his clergy sticker to lock up his bike wherever he pleases.