2007_03_arts_highlinefest.jpgThe much anticipated, David Bowie-curated High Line Festival has finally announced a lineup.

Upon the announcement of the festival last year, David Bowie said, "I've been particularly excited about seeking out emerging artists and giving them a place in a festival that will also feature some very well-known names." In that vein, we thought there would be some lesser known bands (Todd P-style), and are surprised with the abundance of (very obvious) bigger names: Arcade Fire, Air, The Secret Machines.

We also envisioned this being a weekend outdoor festival, but it's spread out in New York venues like Irving Plaza, Radio City Music Hall and the new Highline Ballroom. This is being referred to as the inaugural year, so they plan on continuing the festival, and maybe if the High Line Park is ever finished, it will end up there one day (a portion of the proceeds will go toward turning the elevated rail structure into a public park).

Brooklyn Vegan has more details on the music, as well as the comedy, performance art, visual art and film aspect of the festival.