Increasing the drama conveneintly before tonight's live re-entry into the air and terra firma, David Blaine is reportedly in "bad shape" while in his little 8-foot aquarium. It's the kind of bad shape that has his team recommending he stay in his sphere to be wrapped in chains, versus coming out, smelling that sweet NYC air and having chains put on him, and then being re-plunged into the sphere (there's something about a "shock to the system"). Oh, please, Blaine wants to tempt death, just let him already. And we totally agree with a tourist that AM New York spoke to: "I'd say he's just a little bit contrived. It's a planned stunt. I'll believe it when he dies in the middle of one of them." However, it's been visiting the Bubble extravaganza - we've visited Blaine almost every day this past week to see if he's floating at the top yet. Our prediction for tonight: It looks like he's dead, but he's actually not and everyone cheers over the miracle. David Blaine dead or alive would be a ratings boon for ABC, but we suppose they rather not have the insurance hassle of death.

Are you going to watch the show? Or go to Lincoln Center to see the David Blaine's gross skin in person? The NY Times had a few articles over the weekend about the stunt, and it did make us think that the David Blaine team should have made a bigger deal out of the fact they were at Lincoln Center - like have Juilliard students play music, or a soprano sing an aria. But copyranter has some ideas for David Blaine's new endorsement opportunities ("The official icon for The Housing Bubble"). And Gothamist was there when he entered the bubble.