So just what is David Blaine doing to fill the time during his "Dive of Death" stunt? A trip uptown yesterday revealed that yes, as has been reported, Blaine has taken regular standing breaks to be checked on by a physician. He also noted that standing was the only time he can drink water because drinking it upside-down "makes me feel like I'm gonna puke."

With all the upright time, Blaine seemed to be holding up remarkably well at the halfway point of his sixty (non-consecutive) hours of hanging, posing for pictures and signing autographs for fans, following just about any fancy the crowd would throw at him. The following is what he was willing to reveal to us, while upside-down, about his magic:

  • He was not worried about concerns around him going blind because the only comparable study they had was on someone who had hung for three minutes. He believes that the human body can adapt to anything and that "no matter what we're up against, instinct will take over."
  • The only test run he did was for six hours, after which he blacked out. He said, "It was probably silly to go forward and try this."
  • Not only is he staying awake the entirety of the hang, but he didn't sleep the night before he began either. He said that the longest he's gone without sleep is five days and that by day four, he was having "major hallucinations." (That really adds another layer of intrigue as to what Blaine's top secret "big surprise" might end up being when he comes down tonight.)
  • When asked if any of his high profile friends were stopping by, as Courtney Cox and David Arquette did during his week long stay inside a bubble at Lincoln Center, Blaine said, "I consider anyone who comes to see me while I'm doing this a high profile friend."
  • Blaine, once voted "The Biggest Loser of 2003" in a British poll, said he had no idea why so many people are vehemently against him but that, "I don't care. I don't pay attention to them."
  • Blaine pondered quite a while on what the greatest miracle he had ever seen was. His response: "Love."