Dave Grohl and Jack Black in LowThe Foo Fighters' new video, Low, will not be shown on MTV, because it depicts some very disturbing scenes with frontman Dave Grohl and funny man Jack Black, which NME summarizes well:

In the clip, the two can be seen checking into a motel where they film themselves consuming vast amounts of alcohol and smashing up their room, before dressing up in women's underwear and wigs. They then engage in sexual acts, resulting in Black passing out and vomiting into the toilet.

Some might say MTV is being conservative and not very "MTV" (like that means anything anymore) by balking at the spanking-while-in-drag scene. However, Gothamist is thankful, having seen the video. Now, we may be going out on a limb, but does anyone, gay or straight, really want to see Grohl and Black in some sort of "white trash porn"? And if the Foo Fighters are going to have some sort of drag fantasy, why couldn't pretty boy drummer Taylor Hawkins be involved? If this is what the age of irony hath wrought - the FF's site calls the video "Mad Hick Man Love" - Gothamist wants out.

See the video here. Don't say we didn't warn you. "Low" can also be seen on the CD, One by One.