Aha - it all comes together. So Saturday's Dave Chappelle's Block Partywas the setting for the Wattstax-like documentary film he was making with Michel Gondry. But who knew that it was going to be a reunion of the Fugees? Could only Dave Chappelle pull that off? The NY Times' reviews the concert, noting Lauryn Hill's crazy episode during an Unplugged set that helped keep the Fugees apart and how people were bused into the secret Clinton Hill location. Secret for some, backyard for others: Kenyattacheese told us how portapotties were lined up (photo, right) out their house for the concert. MTV says the film's release strategy is to go straight-toDVD, which sounds like a good deal since it'll definitely make back the investment of the free party, but we wonder if there will be a push to release it in theaters if the content - and soundtrack - is really good.

Did you go to Dave Chappelle's Block Party? How was it? Some photos from Down on Love. We expect Standard Deviance to have the full scoop soon. And Dave Chappelle's official site is still a work-in-progress.