Last weekend's episode of Saturday Night Live with Dave Chappelle was one of the best, capturing the mood of an uneasy, fractured nation desperate for something to laugh about after the election. And from the election sketch to the Walking Dead/Chappelle's Show parody to the post-sketch press conference skit, everything was cooking.

Below, you can watch a cut-for-time sketch from the episode that really leans into the surreal, with Chappelle and new cast members Alex Moffat and Melissa Villaseñor voicing two ducks and a swan as they have a very serious discussion inside a motel painting. "I'm wondering if you feel the pressure of having to look stunning all day and feel like everyone wants something from you?"

And since it got a bit overlooked with the rush of attention to Chappelle's monologue, the "Hallelujah" cold open, and the aforementioned election sketch, we recommend you check out Chappelle's "Last Call" 10-to-1 sketch with Kate McKinnon, which features some truly acrobatic tongue action.