It's a shame that Comedy Central programmed Chappelle's Show on Wednesday at 10:30PM against Law & Order, but luckily Comedy Central repeats their shows every five hours, so we're able to catch Dave Chappelle even if we miss it for some Lennie Briscoe. The Times has a feature about Chappelle and calls attention to how both blacks and whites might be uncomfortable by skits like a spoof of a 50s sitcom where a white family's last name is "Niggar" or the Racial Draft. But the truth is, they are all funny and incisive. Samuel Jackson, hawking a Sam Adams-like beer? Black Gallagher? It's gold, baby, gold!

Watch Chappelle's Show tonight at 10:30PM on Comedy Central if, for some crazy reason, you're not in a Law & Order mood.

A great Dave Chapelle fansite has video clips of him on the show. Check out Chappelle's filmography and Africana has Dave's thoughts on Dave.