2006_02_arts_db.jpgJust two weeks ago we were telling our friend to have his birthday party at Dave & Buster's. "There is no Dave & Buster's in the city," he said. Since we had never thought to go to the place, we didn't know...we just assumed this city would have one.

For those who don't know, Dave & Buster's is an adult playground. Video games, virtual reality systems, skee ball and beer. Like recess served with spiked punch. Did we mention there's also food? Well, there is. We just got word in that there is a D&B opening in, where else, Time Square (it could be a coincidence, but pretty much every D&B is at most 5 minutes from an Olive Garden, hmmm). This one is opening April 5th, so start planning some happy hours and put in some time on the XBox so your hand eye coordination is top notch.

35,000 sq ft of fun, people! But will there be lazer tag?