Tara Subkoff, Wes Anderson; Photo - WireImageFurther confirmation Imitation of Life head-actress Tara Subkoff and Bottle Rocket and Rushmore director Wes Anderson are dating:
- Photos of Wes's posse at the Imitation of Life show in L.A.
- L.A. Times reports: "Designer Tara Subkoff's Hollywood connections must rival Kevin Bacon's. Reese Witherspoon came out to support the designer who was once her roommate. And Wes Anderson, Subkoff's current beau, was able to reel in pals Anjelica Huston, Jason Schwartzman, Sheryl Crow and Owen Wilson."

Gothamist is interested because of the love-hate dynamic: love of Wes Anderson, hate of Imitation of Christ. Gothamist liked Subkoff in The Last Days of Disco, so the jury is still out.