2005_03_homedepot.jpgForget online dating or even meeting cute on the subway - the next wave of hookups could be coming from the aisles of Home Depot. The NY Post suggests that the city's Home Depots are perfect places for people of both sexes to be totally confused and overwhelmed, making them bait for others or giving them more reason to seek out cute customer service reps. A writer says:

"I spied a very cute actress-model-student-with-a-day-job helping out someone in the shelving areas. I tried to think of a shelving question on the spot, but couldn't. You can commiserate together about being confused. You can wander the countless shelves of dongles and doohickies, having no idea what you're doing."

Pick-up performance anxiety and having no idea what you're doing in dating not withstanding, we guess this is true. And apparently, in other cities, the Home Depot is a top pick-up place, and why not, in this age - and city - of design-obsessed folks. Still, Gothamist's main associations with the home do-it-yourself category stem from our beloved memories of This Old House, but we'll have to check out the scene when we go and buy an under-the-sink garbage.

The Post also looks at the pickup potential at Home Depot against Whole Foods and Barnes and Noble. Hmm, at Whole Foods, you can squeeze fruits and scope the foodie scene, but at Barnes and Noble, you can loiter there for hours, thereby maximizing your chances at a date. Have you scored a date at any of these places? Or been picked up? Either way, craiglist's missed connections will still be a place to gauge the popularity.