A bad date for Carrie; Photo - HBO

The Daily News turns into every other issue of Cosmo, Marie-Claire, Jane, etc., with their piece about the deal breakers that prevent people from going out again. The men and women asked give some funny answers ("The deal is off when the woman asks, 'When are we getting engaged?'") and some very good ones ("Being boring. If he has no inner passion, I'm out of there.") Gothamist, having used "man hands"-like excuses in the past, will kick off debate with our number one deal breaker: "Being an asshole/anti-Semitic/stupid." (Sure, it's a catch-all, but it's an awesome catch-all.)

Breakup Girl has a great feature about deal breakers vs. crazy makers - maybe you can love someone in spite of the deal breakers.

On the season premiere of Sex and the City, Carrie went on a Simu-Date, to distract her from the Real-Date with the guy she's interested in. Which Gothamist finds fascinating - keep your head in the game by going out with a someone who you've earmarked as having lesser potential so you're extra-glad to be with the number one pick.