2005_12_arts_darwin.jpgSometimes Gothamist is a bit of a science nerd. When the Einstein exhibit opened a few years back at the Museum of Natural History, we were there standing in line on opening weekend. Now the AMNH brings us a new subject: Charles Darwin. He was a man who hid from the public eye (even keeping many of his theories a secret for years), so we can't wait to study him and his work under a magnifying glass like he so often did with other species. We just hope they aren't selling Darwin slippers in the gift shop, as they did with Einstein at the end of that exhibit.

Take a look at how they created even the smallest details of Darwin's (and our) world in the behind the scenes pictures. And get a sneak peak online with the tortoise cam!

The exhibit opened on November 19th, has anyone gone to check it out yet? It'll be running through May 29th. While you're there, visit the origami holiday tree that's been a staple at AMNH for almost 30 years now.