RadcliffeTwo things young girls tend to get obsessive over: Harry Potter and horses. Both will be appearing on Broadway next spring, but it's not in something you'll want to bring your daughters or nieces to see. Actually, it will be actor Daniel Radcliffe performing in the Peter Shaffer play "Equus", a role that includes on-stage nudity. Both the play and the actor have received positive reviews during its London run, which ends this June. This is from London's Sunday Times review:

Given this seriousness and weight, could Radcliffe possibly be up to portraying Alan Strang – strong, strange – having barely stepped on stage before, his previous acting experience consisting principally of the likeable but hardly challenging role of a bespectacled schoolboy wizard? The answer is a resounding yes. Radcliffe is mesmerising, capturing all of Strang’s weird charisma, his rage, his silently burning intensity, his accusatory stare, his mystery,
his “keep out of my private sacred space” hatred. His modest stature only accentuates the child at the heartof his adolescent agonies, yet he is also powerfully wound up and sinewy, and his startlingly large, soulful eyes are a big asset, given the story line.

We crossed our fingers the play would be coming to NYC back in February and here it comes. Just like magic!