The Times' new public editor, Daniel Okrent, writes to introduce himself to readers in today's Op-Ed section. "An Advocate for Times Readers," Okrent finds it important to tell us these things about himself:

–Lives on the Upper West Side
–Has hated the Yankees since age 6
–Registered Democrat, but is more "right" than most (e.g., gays are okay, so is abortion choice, and Cardinal O'Connor "was a great man")
–Was lazy during college newspaper days
–Rats in Penn Station preferable to Bill O'Reilly and Michael Moore
–Never goes the movies; does go to concerts
–Has journalistic experience; writtten a few books
–Is reachable by email (public@nytimes.com) and voicemail (212 556 7652)

Enjoy Okrent's columns every other week, when he will try to, as he puts it, publicly evaluate, criticize and otherwise commenti on the Times' integrity. Okrent fails to give a shout out to the little guy for giving him this 18 month gig, but we all know better.